Securing your network: Creating and managing firewall rules with ease

Creating and Managing Firewal

On the Firewall tab of Shapehost, you have the ability to create and manage firewall rules for incoming traffic. You can specify the protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP), port range (1-65535), source (including options such as ALL IPv4, instances, and LB from your account or any other source IP), and assign the rule to the specific instance to which you want the rule to be applied.

It's important to note that only instances that are part of a VPC network are eligible for firewall rules, and the rules can only be applied to Extra IPs that are routed through your VPC. If you have an instance with a basic network, you will need to configure the firewall from the operating system side.

In conclusion, managing your VPC network, Extra IPs, and firewall rules on Shapehost is a straightforward process.

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