Volumes: Manage your storage

The Shapehost Volumes page is where you can manage your storage and keep track of all your volumes. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what you can find on this page.

On the Volumes page, you will see a list of all your volumes, along with the instance name to which each volume is attached. You can resize a volume by clicking on the "More" button next to it.

Creating a New Volume

In addition to managing existing volumes, you can also create new volumes and attach them to an instance as a secondary disk.

To do this, simply click on the "Create Volume" button in the top right corner of the page. You will then see a window where you can input the required size, select the instance to which you want to attach the volume, and provide a name for the volume.

Attaching a Volume to an Instance

Once you have created a new volume, you can attach it to an instance by following the steps outlined in the previous section. Simply select the instance to which you want to attach the volume and click "Create Volume".

The volume will be attached to the instance and will be available as a secondary disk.

In conclusion, the Shapehost Volumes page is a convenient and user-friendly way to manage your storage. Whether you need to resize an existing volume or create a new one, you will find everything you need on this page.

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