The instance detail page: A deep dive into your instance

The Shapehost instance detail page provides a comprehensive view of your instance, with detailed information and various options for managing and monitoring it. In this article, we will look closely at what you can find on this page.

When you click on an instance box on the dashboard, you will be redirected to the "Instance Detail" page. Here, you will find several tabs that provide different information and options for your instance.

Graphs Tab

On the Graphs tab, you can see real-time usage graphs for your instance's CPU, memory, and network. This information is updated in real-time and gives you a clear picture of how your instance is performing.

Access Tab

The Access tab provides options for accessing and managing your instance. You can launch the console (web console) from here, which is a recommended troubleshooting method in case the instance is not reachable via IP.

Additionally, you can reset the root password from this tab.

Note that resetting the root password requires shutting down the instance, and the instance will be turned on automatically once the password reset process is complete.

Volumes Tab

On the Volumes tab, you can see the volumes associated with your instance and resize them if needed.

Simply click the "More" button next to the volume you wish to resize.

Resize Tab

The Resize tab allows you to upgrade or downgrade your instance by choosing a package from the Standard, Memory-Optimized, or CPU-Optimized categories.

If you choose the CPU & RAM only package, you can upgrade and downgrade to/from any package. However, if you choose the DISK, CPU & RAM option, you can only upgrade, not downgrade, as downgrading the disk can result in data corruption.

Networking Tab

The Networking tab provides information about the network configuration of your instance. You will see the IPv4, gateway, and subnet mask for the public and private networks.

If the instance is part of a VPC network, you will also see the private network details. If the instance is not part of a VPC network, you will see a message saying, "This instance is not part of a VPC yet. You can add it from here." If you click "here," you will be redirected to the VPC network page, where you can make the instance part of a VPC network.

Backups - Coming soon

Snapshots - Coming soon

Activity Tab

The Activity tab provides a log of all the activities related to your instance, including creation, destruction, turning on/off, and other events. You can see the type of activity, event, status, and date for each entry.

Destroy Tab

Finally, the Destroy tab allows you to destroy your instance. Please keep in mind that this is an irreversible action, and you should only destroy an instance if you are sure you no longer need it.

In conclusion, the Shapehost instance detail page provides a wealth of information and options for managing and monitoring your instances.

Whether you need to resize, access, or destroy your instance, you will find everything you need on this page.

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